With a bachelor's degree in Advertising, three years with Spiegel Catalog, and twenty years as a commercial photographer, Robert Marcos understands the value of a great image. He is capable of producing all types of informative and compelling content - including photography, video production, and writing. His non-fiction articles have been published twice on the cover of the San Diego Reader, and he is currently working on a project to interview celebrity stylists to better understand the passion which motivates their work.

Robert Marcos creates exciting and informative videos for the beauty industry. His instructional videos can increase product sales by using YouTube. Robert produces exciting product promos, commercials, celebrity product endorsements, client testimonials, and product knowledge videos. His clients include Bodyography Professional Makeup, Pro Rituals Hair Care, Robanda International, Chella Skin Care, Beautylove Salon Apparel, Croc Turboion, Face Atelier, Iden Cosmetics, The World Wide Beauty Exchange, The Crave Collection. Spa MD, Karg, Rock Your Hair, Matsuzaki, Footlogix, HED, and Polaris Cosmetics. Robert has worked with celebrity hair stylishts and makeup artists including Daven Mayeda, Scott Barnes, Donna Mee, Mathias Alan, Meredith Johns, Valente Frazier, Michael O'Rourke, Michael Karg, Rene Antonio, Alan Bush, and Joe Paciorek. Robert has photographed hair models for Planet Color Salon in Chicago, Salon Forte in San Diego, and Studio DNA in Santa Monica, CA. Robert produced a model-prep video for LA Fashion Week featuring the fashion of Cheryl Koo.

Robert Marcos is a highly-trained professional photographer who serves clients in the United States. Robert is available for assignments world-wide. Robert Marcos works with his clients to help them develop effective marketing campaigns targeted at specific demographics with a clear and compelling message. Robert's number one goal is to create effective advertising material which will increase product sales. Call Robert Marcos at (760) 504-4787. Contact Robert Marcos at